The Pregnancy mattress, the excellent alternative 

During pregnancy the body of all women undergoes a series of changes products of the process of preparation to accommodate the baby, during the development of the baby there is an increase in weight, so that the woman is more difficult to move, I could suffer from Back pains, so you need to look for alternatives that allow you to be quiet, comfortable and have a better rest so that Pregnancy mattress excellent alternative that will allow you to sleep in a suitable way.

In the market it is important that you know that in the market there are  a great variety of mattresses, shape and sizes, but you need to choose the right mattress since not all mattresses are acts for pregnant women. Selecting the right mattress will allow you a series of advantages ranging from sleeping in a better way, having better circulation and alleviating the pains that can ocaciones in your back and joints product of the overweight

How should be the pregnancy mattress

Pregnancy mattress should offer you the best ergonomic conditions so that you have a better rest since during pregnancy the mattress is necessary to have a mattress that fills the hollow of the lower back because during pregnancy the low point of gravity and, therefore, Due to the weight of the baby the curvature of the back is greater; As for the type of mattress it is highly recommended that it be viscoelastic.

With regard to the fact that the mattress must be viscoelastic it is due the elaboration of this type of mattress that is adapts to the energetic heat that your body dismisses, favoring the muscular relaxation, as well as the improvement of the blood circulation of the whole organism when receiving lower pressure and is necessary use a mattress whit a right pregnancy pillow.

In the referent of the mattress it is important to know that it must be firm and straight, neither too hard nor too soft for the purpose of adapting to the shape of the woman, it is also necessary that the mattress is not very high since during this stage for the woman is difficult to move and it is recommended that it be rather low without exceeding the 18 or 20 centimeters of thickness to be able to facilitate the ascent and the descent of the same without great sacrifices on the part of the pregnant woman.

When sleeping on these mattresses you must try to sleep to the left side for several reasons between sleeping on the left side to allow oxygen to reach the baby better and make the body swelling diminish during the night, It is also necessary to mention that the sleeping effect towards the left side favors the circulation of the woman. These mattresses are very comfortable accessible and economical, so some people who without being pregnant decide to also use pregnancy mattress.

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life, but there can also be certain complications since there is an increase in weight, so the woman will feel tired and have back and joint pains. It is necessary to use a mattress that complies with a series of characteristics that facilitate a proper rest and relieve the pain and Pregnancy mattress are an excellent alternative that will help you not only to relieve your aches and rest, but to pass your pregnancy stage as happy as possible.

  1. Jojo

    Is this, like, a pillow? because if it is, I like it. I’m not pregnant but I would definitely use it.