Stay Hydrated this Summer with Low-Cal and Refreshing, Flavored Water

Have you seen the prices of pre-made fruit waters at the market recently? It should be criminal to charge $8+ for something that costs less than fifty cents to make. Here is how you can make water less basic by adding some flavorful ingredients.

Summertime is about backyard BBQ or picnics at the beachside with family and friends. We guarantee that these recipes will quench everyone’s thirst when the weather heats up.

Strawberry basil water

Nothing screams summer more than fresh strawberries and basil. The herbal twist from basil brings out the best in the strawberries.

Throw some crushed ice into a tall glass with a small handful of chopped fresh strawberries and three to four basil leaves. Top with ice cold water. Serve with a straw.

Mango Lime water

Looking for a refreshing low-calorie option to serve with your spicy Mexican themed BBQ? This drink is a no-brainer and is begging to be served with your spiciest cuisine.

In a large glass, put in some crushed ice with three to four slices of fresh peeled mangos and a large slice of lime. Top with ice cold water.

Cherry ginger water

Cherry season is here! Fight the scorching afternoon heat with a twist of ginger and cherries with this refreshing drink.

In a tall glass, add half of a cup of ice cubes and some mashed cherries (no need to remove the pit) and some grated fresh ginger. Top with iced water and enjoy with a bowl of fresh cherries.

Apple cinnamon water

This drink is ideal as the summer draws to an end and the apple crop is bountiful. This drink is the perfect compliment with hot dogs or pulled pork.

In a large Mason jar, throw in a sliced piece of apple with the peel still on and a piece of cinnamon stick. Add some ice and top with iced water.

Lavender lemonade water

Thinking that nothing beats a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day? Well, then you haven’t tried lavender lemonade yet. The lavender adds a touch of sweetness that means no need for added sugar ingredients.

In a large pitcher add juice of three lemons and some lemon slices and fresh lavender. Just let sit in the fridge up to four hours allowing the flavors to meld together or until you notice a light purple color tone.

Watermelon mint water

Watermelon and mint are summertime staples. You just can’t seem to find enough reasons to enjoy these flavorful ingredients.

Find your biggest glass or Mason jar and throw in four or five small wedges, yes including the rind and some mint leaves, topping everything with crushed ice or cubes then water. Drink up and you might find yourself munching on the watermelon wedges after.

Blackberry rosemary water

Your taste buds will thank you for this sweet-tart drink. Plus it is packed full of flavonoids and antioxidants that will give your immune system a jump-start.

In a large pitcher, add some fresh blackberries and rosemary and let sit for two or three hours (or overnight). Enjoy!