I share my experience for a healthier life, many of which I get from my personal trainer and nutritionist. I hope you find them useful too!

5 healthy snacks

If you’re hungry in the middle of the afternoon, it might be a good idea to prepare a snack in advance with healthy choices. To help us think outside the box, we’ve asked the specialists at Nooddle,

Modalities of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a medical current with a history of about 3000 years. It has a holistic view of medicine, in which body, mind, energy and spirit are interconnected. In this sense, the disease will be

Stay Hydrated this Summer with Low-Cal and Refreshing, Flavored Water

Have you seen the prices of pre-made fruit waters at the market recently? It should be criminal to charge $8+ for something that costs less than fifty cents to make. Here is how you can make water

Can our diet affect our mood swings?

Our diet plays a crucial role in maintaining and recuperating our health. Also our mood and emotions significantly affect our type of lifestyle and there are foods that can positively improve our mental and emotional health. Certain

The Pregnancy mattress, the excellent alternative 

During pregnancy the body of all women undergoes a series of changes products of the process of preparation to accommodate the baby, during the development of the baby there is an increase in weight, so that the

How to exercise at home: the secret of an active life

We have all heard of ways to exercise, and why we should do it. However, resorting to a gym to fulfill this task is what holds us back to majority. So, I think it is time to

Abdominal Exercises: General Recommendations

It is normal that we are always thinking that our body is not ideal. We are designed to get fat every time we eat, and this happens because we do not eat properly. Above all, we usually